English Learning E Book For Kids Early Education E book


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  • AUDIO INTERACTIVE CHILDREN COLOURFUL LEARNING BOOK : Fitted with a sound censor, this one of its kind book interacts with kids and responds as they touch the images to help them understand and learn in a play way method.
  • EXCELLENT BOOK FOR PRESCHOOL TO INTRODUCE ALPHABETS AND NUMBERS : This learning book has multiple modes to help children learn alphabets and spellings. As a child presses the image on the book, the sound of the alphabet, the word and spelling is played.
  • HELPS LEARN FRUITS, ANIMALS, VEHICLES, SHAPES AND COLORS : This is a complete and exhaustive preschool book for toddlers which includes all basic learning from animals, fruits, vehicles, shapes and colors using colorful pictures and lovely sounds.
  • LEARNING BOOK WITH MUSIC : Children are always captivated with good music. The toddler can listen to 5 music songs while reading this book.
  • SAFE, RELIABLE AND COLORFUL PICTUREBOOK : The activities in this learning book are absolutely safe for the kid. The lovely and bright colors stimulate visual development.


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